From Argentina to the World with the best quality.

Garbanzo – Chick Peas




Quality Standars Marketing is done by calibers in mm: 7, 8, 9, and 10mm. Packages can be made of polypropylene, paper, or poly-paper. Grains can be packed in pounds or kilograms, according to the client’s needs. There are 20 feet containers, and they carry approx. 24 tons each.

UNTOUCHED QUALITY Produced in our fields with state-of-the-art production techniques, chickpeas are harvested with combines and handled with outmost care throughout the entire process in order to avoid having damaged material. We avoid any type of contamination, and we have the best processing and sizing equipment to reach our worldwide clients with the best quality.


  • Maximum moisture 14%
  • Minimum moisture 11%
  • Broken grains 1%
  • DAMAGED GRAINS (this includes green and sprouted grains) 1.5%
  • Peeled grains 2%
  • Damaged by insects…0.5%
  • Purity 99 %
  • Live pests free
  • Other seeds free
  • Clods free
  • Aflatoxines free
  • Pesticide residue free