From Argentina to the World with the best quality.

Food Processing

Aiming at the highest quality standards in the world, we have a state-of-the-art processing and bagging plant. We have a powerful magnet used to retain metal powder, and the entire process is carried out under ISO 9001:2000 norms. From sowing to the processing stage, we keep batch or hybrid tracking. After the processing stage, storage is done in proper warehouses for quality assurance.

Alberto L. Marchionni S.A. is a company considered fiscal customs (Dry Port). Therefore, containers are consolidated at our Hughes plant, and, from there, they go directly to the port. This assures delivery of the products in perfect condition.

The company opened in the 2012 A new processing plant for processing grains for human consumption. The plant has modern equipment for pre-cleaning, sorting, vibration, and color selection tamañado, also has storage sheds treated with polyurethane foam on roofs to avoid extreme temperatures. The silos, like whole plant have “DOWN EASY” (drop retardants) and automatic control of aeration to maintain the quality of the seed or food product is processed. The company provides, determines and maintains the actions, interfaces and responsibilities involved in the implementation, maintenance and scope of the Safety Management System and Environment. This will achieve safe working conditions for all people to maintain and improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System and increase customer satisfaction.