About us

Since 1995   Alberto L. Marchionni S.A.  have supported the same philosophy of work, so strongly that it leaves a mark on everything we do.

We have a well-defined business strategy, guided by genetics and biotechnology, conservation practices and professional management.

At present, to develop its main activity, we use two processing plants, one for seeds and the other one for the processing of specialities destined for human consumption: Popcorn and garbanzo.

The company has became an exporter company to more than 40 countries in four continents, arround 12,000 TT per year on Popcorn business, that is specialist.

Today the company produces 30,000 tons of grains, part of which is soybean seed, wheat seed, sorghum seed, peeing corn and common corn hybrids.

Oriented by the highest quality standards in the world, we incorporate technology in processing and low bagging ISO 9001: 2008 standards certified by Bureau Veritas.

And since we are convinced that excellence goes hand in hand with the care of the environment, our company is part of the Cleaner Production Project, certified by the Inter-American Development Bank as an administrator of the MIF and Fundación Libertad as Executing Unit.