POP CORN – Maíz Pisingallo

Alberto L. Marchionni S.A.

Today the company produces 12,000 tons of Popcorn per year.

Production: Produced in our fields with the most advanced production techniques, the chickpeas are harvested with axial machines and treated with care in the whole process with the objective of not having damaged material. We avoid any type of contamination and we have the best processing and size equipment to reach our customers all over the world with optimum quality.


The grains can be packed in: Polypropylene bags, paper or polipapel, and we incorporate a new presentation in Big Bags.
The weight of the container may vary according to the customer’s need:

Packaging: Bags or Big Bags.
Material: Paper, Polipapel and Polypropylene.
Weight: 20 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 50 lbs and 1000 kg.

Quality Standards
Minimum Expansion: 40
Maximum Humidity 14%
K-10: 55-65
Max Iodine Test: 1.5%
Max. Temperature: 20
Insect CDyes, Max .: 1%
Aflotoxin Free. O.G.M.
Quality Free: 38/40; 40/42; 42/44; 44/46 y Mushroom.

The company Alberto L. Marchionni is considered fiscal customs. Therefore, the containers are consolidated in our Hughes plant and, from there, they go directly to the port. This ensures the delivery of the product in optimal conditions.